First Private Investigation agency in Florida specializing exclusively in reuniting lost cats and dogs with their loved ones


Pet Private Investigators ~ Lost Pet Specialists ~ Specially Trained Search Dogs

Lost pet professionals aiding in the safe recovery of missing or lost cats and dogs.
Pet PI Investigators endeavor to bring each lost pet home, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that every pet will be found

On-site services vary from performing a thorough physical search for a lost cat or lost dog when a search dog is not an option to the set-up and monitoring of lure stations, surveillance equipment and humane trapping. (Available in Volusia & Flagler County areas only)

PET PI Lost Pet Specialists providing professional services, advice, and expertise aiding in the safe recovery of lost pets
Search Dog service for lost pet

A search dog is a very specific tool we use when trying to find a lost or missing Cat or Dog. The use of K9's to search for lost pets may provide extremely valuable information but is not suitable for all missing pet situations.

(Please see map for service area)

Professional Lost Pet Service in Florida providing help to find a Lost Cat or Lost Dog

PET PI Lost Pet Specialists

Our Lost Pet Consultation service provides you with our professional knowledge and instruction ensuring that you are searching for your lost cat or lost dog using the most effective methods possible.

On Site Lost Pet Search Service

Advertise that your pet is missing and gain community awareness quickly with highly visible and extremely effective Posters & Flyers

Lost Pet Poster and Flyer design by PET PI

Florida based Missing Pet Service specializing in finding Lost Dogs or Lost Cats

Located in Volusia County

Lost Pet Consultation