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PET PI Lost Pet Specialists
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Tammy Wozniak-Reed captured lost dog Steven

Professional help for a lost pet
Located in Ormond Beach Florida

Tammy Wozniak-Reed

Owner/Operator of Pet P.I., LLC.

Lost Pet Specialist

Pet Detective

Private Investigator

  • Over 37 years experience working in the Domestic Animal Industry 
  • Resident of Volusia County Florida since 1973
  • Licensed Private Investigator since 2000 #C2200595 & #C1300249
  • Established & Opened PET PI September 2013
  • MAR Certified in 2014 ~ Missing Animal Response
  • Certificate of Achievement: FEMA IS-00011.a /Animals in Disasters: Awareness and Preparedness
  • Certificate of Achievement: FEMA IS-00010.a /Animals in Disasters: Community Planning
  • Certificate of Achievement: FEMA IS-00100.b /ICS-100

Special interest in the profiling and safe recovery of

shy, scared, skittish displaced cats and dogs

My precious Boscoe & Zoodle will forever

be in my heart and the PET PI logo

PET PI Pet Detective Private Investigator Tammy Wozniak-Reed

Florida PET P.I. pet private investigator

For as long as I can remember my entire life has revolved around my love and devotion to animals. As a teenager I worked at Bayberry Animal Hospital, volunteered many hours at an Emergency Animal Hospital and eventually in 1985 opened and operated a Pet Grooming shop in Holly Hill Florida called The Bath Hut. After 15 years of grooming I felt compelled to venture into the Private Investigation field, sold my grooming shop and moved to South Florida in 2000.

Investigation work in South Florida was quite interesting, only performing surveillances, skip tracing and PIP Investigations was not nearly as fulfilling as working with the animals I so deeply missed. Shortly after returning home to Volusia County I began volunteering with Halifax Humane Society in Daytona Beach eventually accepting employment first as their Receiving Department Manager which led to the Rescue Foster Coordinator position.  

While employed at this shelter I spent countless personal hours working with extremely terrified dogs and cats the shelter normally considered non-adoptable thus enabling them to find new homes. Sadly, there were far too many animals that could not be saved which proved to be emotionally taxing and extremely impossible for my heart to continually absorb.

Having observed the daily influx of stray animals entering the shelter system and seeing the many heartbroken families coming into the shelter in an attempt to find their lost pet I felt there just had to be more as this is when the idea of Pet PI surfaced in my heart.

It is my belief my life has followed a certain path which has lead me to where I am now; helping lost pets home!