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  • Call Animal related professions in the area: ​Animal Rescue Groups, Veterinarians, Groomers, Kennels and Pet sitters. If possible email, fax or deliver a flyer to them. 

  • If the pet looks like he/she has been GROOMED in the past, please contact local Grooming Shops and bring them a flyer to post.

Found pets and their families can often be reunited quickly

when these steps are followed promptly


A few basic steps can improve success in reuniting a found Cat or Dog with their loved ones...

  • Think “LOST” not abused, neglected or abandoned! Cats and Dogs can lose weight quickly, look neglected and act like they have been abused when they are displaced!   

  • Be extremely careful with an unknown cat or dog and keep the found pet separated away from your own pets.  

  • Look for pet Identification Tag. Rabies, County and City tags contain a number pertaining to that particular pet, call the Agency or Veterinarian listed on tag to advise that this pet has been found. 

  • Take the pet to a Veterinarian clinic or Animal Shelter to have scanned for a micro-chip. Animal Emergency Clinics are an option if pet is found during the evening or on weekends.

  • File a “FOUND” report with the Animal Control agency and Animal Shelter within the area where the pet was found. Hopefully the owner has already called and filed a “LOST” pet report.

  • PLACE "FOUND" POSTERS in the area this pet was found. Do this as soon as possible, the owner may be driving around looking for their pet.

  • Place a "FOUND" ad in your local Newspaper

  • Network to find the pets family on Craigslist, Facebook, Pawboost, Nextdoor neighborhood app and any other local animal related internet sites where the pet was found.  IMPORTANT NOTE: To protect the pet, PLEASE leave some particular identifiers out of posts in order to question the person claiming to be the pets’ owner. This will help prevent the pet from going into the wrong hands. 

  • ​If the pet was found in Volusia or Flagler County and you have a Facebook account make certain to post the found pet's picture, location found, street and cross-street, date found and your best method of contact on the following pages...​​ ​​​


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