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Cat Personality Definitions:

The Curious or Clown Cat: A cat with this personality, is a gregarious cat that will run to the door to greet a stranger. He/she is generally unafraid, and consequently gets into trouble often. When displaced, he/she may hide at first and then begin to travel. He/she could easily get within a five-block radius of home quite quickly. Don’t assume he/she will come when called.

The Care-less Cat: This cat is aloof and does not care about most people. When a stranger is present, he/she tends to stand back and watch from a distance. When displaced, he/she is likely to hide but eventually will break cover an may attempt to come back home. There is the possibility, however, that he/she will travel larger distances.

The Cautious Cat: Generally, a cautious cat likes people but is shy and will dart away attempting to hide when a stranger comes close. Sometimes he/she will watch from a distance and may slowly come out to investigate. However, when displaced, he/she will immediately hide in fear and remain hidden not very far from home unless scared farther away by people or other animals. He/she will likely try to return to the place of escape or meow while after 5 to 10 days. This could happen within 2 days, but could take as long as 10 to 14 days before hunger or thirst prompts him/her to break cover depending on their personality. He/she may stay close to his/her home and only come out of hiding at night to eat.

The Xenophobic Cat: Xenophobia is a fear or hatred of everything new, strange or foreign. This fearful behavior is either part of a cat’s genetic make-up or the result of traumatic experiences. The xenophobic cat will hide when a stranger comes into the home and will not come out of hiding until after the stranger has left. He/She is easily disturbed by any environmental changes. When displaced, he/she will bolt hiding in silence. He/she will most likely remain in the same hiding place, immobilized by fear unless someone or something frightens him/her farther away. Xenophobic cats often go unnoticed and will need to be captured using a humane trapping methods. When captured this type of cat will most likely hiss, spit and howl out of fright, often mistaken as being feral. Sadly, as a result of their behavior, most xenophobic cats that are captured by the general community or Animal Control agencies are taken to an animal shelter as being feral and will most likely be euthanized.

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