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Dog Temperament Traits

How a dog behaves towards strangers influences how far it will travel when lost.

There are three main behavioral categories of lost dogs

The Gregarious Dog: A gregarious dog is friendly and will come up to the first person that attracts his/her attention, generally wagging their tail. Depending on the surroundings and the population density of the area, they generally won’t stray very far from home or will be picked up by someone close to the escape point.

 The Aloof Dog: A dog with an aloof temperament is very wary of strangers, avoiding any human contact initially, however, this type dog can be enticed with food when hungry. Often a distrustful dog will travel a great distance from home may not be recovered for weeks, or even months, after escaping. 

The Xenophobic Dog: Xenophobia is a fear of anything strange or foreign. A xenophobic temperament is either a genetic disposition or the result of an unfortunate puppy-hood experience. This type dog scares, cowers and panics easily, a loud noise is enough to make him/her bolt and run for miles. Consequently, a xenophobic dog can travel great distances. 

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