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The above News Journal article was made while I was working Phoenix's case

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Tyler Stover,

Your statement is simply incorrect!

In 2010, I was employed as the Receiving Department Manager for Halifax Humane Society. The Receiving Department is the department responsible for the processing of all animals entering the shelter and also the very same department that the decision is made as to what will happen to the animal after the 72 hour stray hold. I have literally witnessed countless stray animals euthanized directly after the 72 hour stray hold period at Halifax Humane Society. Most of these stray animals did not pose a danger to employees or other animals, they were simply euthanized due to space, age or adoptability.

Your statement is not only incorrect, it allows the community to have a false sense of urgency in believing their pets life is not in danger if brought into the shelter as a stray. Sadly, this is incredibly far from the truth! I would also like to add, prior to committing to this interview with the News Journal reporter Jim Haug, I had done so under the agreement of one condition, my main objective being he would publish my statement concerning local animal shelters in Volusia County having only a 72 hour stray hold policy. My intention was to create a sense of urgency when a pet is lost, motivate people who lose a pet to physically check animal shelters and check them often for their lost pet. My hope was to spare more lives from unnecessarily being euthanized.
Tammy Wozniak-Reed

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Phoenix Reunited by PET PI

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Detective reunites families with missing furry friends 
By Jim Haug 
Published: Tuesday, August 12, 2014 at 5:30 a.m.

​Daytona Beach News Journal ​