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Recovery Services for a lost cat or lost dog

The following services provided in Volusia and Flagler County only

  • Professional Humane Trapping
  • Placement and Maintenance of Luring Stations and Monitoring Equipment
  • Professional physical search by Private Investigator
  • Broadening door to door interviews
  • Delivering Flyers
  • Expanding search radius areas
  • Intersection Alerts to gain community awareness

The purchase of a $40.00 Basic Consultation plan is required for Recovery services to begin.

Please understand that participating in and observing search and recovery work for a lost pet involves certain risks including but not limited to physical contact with wild animals, extreme weather, dangerous terrain, and other adverse conditions. If you choose to accompany PET PI Investigator's during a search you assume any and all risks involved whether they have been explained to you or not.

We do not recommend for children or individuals other than the bonded pet owner participating in lost pet searches due to the sensitive nature of most cats and dogs when displaced. It is preferable for these searches to be performed silently and with little to no distractions.

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For more information or to begin with my recovery services please complete and submit the following form specific to your situation:

Professional help for a lost pet
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PET PI trapped lost dog Bella
PET PI Lured lost dog Phoenix to feeding station
PET PI caught lost cat Molly on cam

recovery Services

PET PI Lost Pet Specialists

I will contact you as quickly as possible to discuss the services best suited to help find your pet.
(Contact time may be delayed while working active cases or in an area without cell/data coverage)

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