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I/we/our (hereafter referred to as “Client”)

PET P.I., llc/Tammy Wozniak-Reed/PET P.I. Investigators and Volunteers (hereafter referred to as “PET P.I.”)

Client understands that PET P.I. provides services, advice, and expertise to help aid in the safe recovery of lost and missing pets. Although PET P.I. endeavors to bring each lost pet home, unfortunately PET P.I. cannot guarantee that every pet will be found.

Work and commitment on behalf of the Client may be required to help in the possible return of the Client's pet. Client understands that in following the advice of PET P.I., the Client is ultimately responsible for the results of their actions and that searching for their lost pet involves certain risks that the Client agrees to assume any and all risks involved whether or not they have been explained to Client or not. Some risks include but are not limited to; possible wild animal attacks or confrontations, extreme weather, dangerous terrain, property damage, bodily injury, illness, disease and possible death. Client understands, acknowledges and agrees to take full responsibility for themselves, their pet, their family or any individual the Client may ask to voluntarily assist in the search for their pet.

Client agrees to comply with all laws and local ordinances, including laws concerning trespassing during the search and take full responsibility for failure to do so. Client understands it is their responsibility to obtain verbal or written permission from property owners before PET P.I. or Client enters private property of any kind.

All PET PI Service's:

Client understands that participating in and observing search and recovery work for their lost pet involves certain risks, including but not limited to physical contact with wild animals or attacks from animals, extreme weather, dangerous terrain, bodily injury, illness, disease and possible death. If Client chooses to accompany PET P.I. on searches Client assumes any and all risks involved whether or not they have been explained to Client or not. Please understand, PET P.I. does not recommend individuals other than the bonded pet owner participating in the search process due to the sensitive nature of most cats and dogs when displaced.

Equipment Agreement:

Client agrees that he/she will be liable for all lost, stolen or damaged equipment provided for use by PET P.I. 

A security deposit equal to the replacement cost of the equipment will be required prior to use. The security deposit may be in the form of Credit Card, check or cash. The deposit will be returned to Client once PET P.I. acquires equipment in the same condition as first delivered. For credit card deposits, please allow time for the banking system to process the refund.

Client also understands that he/she is responsible for the cost of returning equipment to PET P.I. whether client chooses to personally deliver the equipment or PET P.I. picks up the equipment at a travel expense fee of $.56 per mile round trip.

It is the Clients' responsibility to obey trespassing laws and secure permission prior to placing surveillance cameras, feeding stations or capture equipment on private property not officially owned by Client. 

Client understands that the use of certain pet search and recovery techniques such as feeding stations and humane trapping methods may involve certain risks including but not limited to; contact with wild animals or possible attacks, extreme weather, dangerous terrain, bodily injury, illness, disease or possible death. Client understands, acknowledges and agrees to take full responsibility for themselves, their pet, their family or any individual the Client may ask to voluntarily assist in the search for their pet.

If Client sets up a humane trap, there is a risk of possible injury or death to their pet and other animals (including other people’s pets) that can become caught in the trap. To reduce the risk of injury or death while trapping, PET P.I. recommends constant surveillance of the trap either in person or via remote surveillance equipment. If surveillance equipment is not available PET P.I. suggests checking the humane trap at minimum of every two hours from a distance. In extreme hot or cold temperatures, the humane trap must be checked more frequently and adequate water and shelter must be provided at all times.

K9 Pet Search Services: 

Most people assume that a search dog will quickly find their lost pet and bring the pet home, PLEASE BE AWARE a small percentage of lost pets are actually brought home during the actual K9 search and that a search dog is not suitable for all lost pet cases. PET PI NO LONGER PROVIDES K9 SERVICES


If Client decides to consult with a Psychic, Client will be responsible to follow–up on their own any such leads given by a Psychic. Client agrees that their use of a Psychic will not interfere with PET P.I.’s ongoing investigation.  

Internet, News Media, Informational and /or Marketing Material:

Client understands that PET P.I. may use case information including but not limited to; photographs, video/audio recordings, Clients name, pets name, city and story pertaining to your missing pet on the internet, in news media or in other informational or marketing material. Clients personal information will never be sold or shared for any purpose.


Payment Methods:

Client agrees to pay for all services requested and provided by PET P.I. including all State and County Sales Tax.

Consultations and ordering of Lost Pet materials require payment in advance and can be submitted using a credit card on the PET P.I. website. Click on the "Buy Now" button enter a brief description of your purchase, the amount of your purchase and follow the PayPal instructions. PLEASE NOTE: A PayPal account is not needed to use PayPal.

All On-Site Services, K9 Services and Shelter Check Services require payment by cash or check prior to services being performed unless prior authorization has been made for invoicing.

Refunds and Cancellation Fees: 

  • Client understands that although Pet P.I. endeavors to help and assist in the safe return of their missing pet, Client is paying for professional advice and services based on time, equipment used and travel expenses incurred.  For this reason Pet P.I. does not provide for refund on services rendered if the pet is not found.
  • When Client has purchased a Consultation service and their pet is found immediately after purchasing and prior to case review or services performed by the PET P.I. Investigator the amount paid will be refunded. 
  • When client has purchased a Unlimited Consultation service and the pet is found immediately after Pet P.I. Investigator has performed a case review, a partial refund may or may not be refunded depending on circumstances, time involved and work performed.
  • Concerning all On-Site, K9 and Shelter Check services, there will be no cancellation fee when Pet P.I. is notified of cancellation prior to departure. If such service is canceled while the Pet P.I. Investigator is en-route to site location the Client agrees to pay a round trip mile charge of .56 per mile.
  • Consultation Services:Pet P.I.'s main objective is to find lost pets. Pet P.I. Investigators provide professional knowledge and the most effective techniques to help Clients in finding their pet. If the Client is not willing to follow advice as instructed (including poster placement) the Client can prolong or jeopardize finding their pet. Unfortunately Pet P.I. cannot continue unlimited consultation or communication when circumstances of this nature occur and will consider the services provided as completed to the best of Pet P.I.'s ability. No refund will be given.


By selecting "YES" when completing the LOST CAT FORM or LOST DOG FORM...

I fully understand, acknowledge and agree that this release forever discharges PET P.I. LLC, Tammy Wozniak-Reed and her heirs, PET P.I. Investigators and PET P.I. Volunteers from any and all liability, loss, claims or demands of whatever kind or nature, either in law or in equity, which arise or may hereafter arise from any and all involvement resulting from but not limited to;  wild animal attacks, property damage, bodily injury, personal injury, illness or possible death while I myself, my family members or friends participate in the search and rescue effort to find my lost/missing pet.ability, loss, claims or demands of whatever kind or nature, either in law or in equity, which arise or may hereafter arise from any and all involvement that I myself, my family members or friends that help in the search and rescue efforts of my lost/missing pet.

I the Client, agree that by selecting "YES" when completing the lost pet form that I have read, fully understand and am in agreement to the terms and stipulations of the PET P.I.'s Release of Liability and Services Agreement

Release of Liability and Services Agreement

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